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Hobby DIY Garage - Do It Yourself
Electronics Engineering - Discuss Electronics
Electronic Product Design - EE Reference

Instrumentation and Industrial Design

Analog Circuits - OpAmp, Signal Condition, Mixed Signal.
Digital Circuits - Logic, CMOS, Counters, Timers, 555.
Power Electronics - SMPS, Regulated Supply, SSR.
Microcontroller - 8051, 8052, OpCodes, Analog Interface.
Test Measurement - Multi-Meters, Small Test Tools.
Data Interface - Printer Port, Virtual Instrumentation.
Custom Projects - Sequential Process Timers, Chargers.
Hobby Projects - Insulation tester, LED Circuits, Meters.
Theory Tutorials - Basic Electronics, Instrument Design.
Electrical Diagrams - Control Panels, Reference Tables.
Resources - Electronic Firms and Electronic Projects.

DACTElektrotech Laboratories 

dapj Electronics - Device Application and Process design.

EE Design Library - Electronic Product Design Resource.

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Electronic Product Design

Beta and Vce Tester for Transistors

Beta and Vce Tester for Transistors

A custom Power/Darlington Transistor Tester for Incoming Inspection that i designed from the scratch in a unique but simple way. Both Pulsed and Continuous mode.

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