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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Engineering Poetry and Heuristics

Knowledge comes in Handy at every part of your Life. Entertainment should be Edutainment. Here is a collection of comments and blurbs i wrote around 2012 - delabs

Verify Again and Again

After doing something, Verify, ask a friend to crosscheck, verify again.

Wait there is more ...

Then ask somebody who does not like you so much, to check or test it and offer critical comments.

Engineering Poetry and Heuristics

delabs design service - Circuit and product design

Otto, Manuel and Me

No these are not Modes of Operation in another tongue. I met these Gentlemen in an Online Ergonomics and Usability Hangout.

It was just Otto, Manuel and Me.

Engineering a Responsible Product

Affordable - Usable - Safe - Maintainable - Durable - Green

Green - Low Energy Consumption, Biodegradable, does not pose an Hazard to Environment, does not hurt Flora and Fauna.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Whence Input Hence Output

If Inputs are Distorted, The Outputs are Noisy.
Even if the Amplifier is Very Good.

If Raw Materials are of Poor Quality, The Finished Goods are Defective.
Even if the Process and Machinery is State Of The Art.

If the Specifications are incomplete, The Prototype will be rejected.
Even if the Design and Tools are Perfect.

Whence Input Hence Output - delabs

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