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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Analog Bargraph Clock Gadget

Analog Clock, Linear Display of Time Elapsed using Bargraph, Shows Week Days and Month Days Passed.

The WD indicates Complete Week Days passed and MD is Month Days Completed.This is not the date, date is MD+1. This is an example of CSS Animation, that was the Motivation for this clock.

ScreenShot of Gadget

Analog Bargraph Clock Gadget

Live Analog Clock

Add This Clock to your Page or Blog - use iframe part for webpage. The xml is for google sites.

Analog Bargraph Clock Code - xml

Monday, June 09, 2014

Simple Hourglass Clock Gadget

Simple Hourglass Clock, Track Time Progress, Shows Time, Date, Weekday and Week of Year. Time flies but the Hourglass Clock helps you keep a watch on the endless flow of time. This fights procrastination, then the project will be done in time. There Aint No time left, Act Now. Finish the Box.

Simple Hourglass Clock - Live Widget

Widget Screenshot

 Hourglass Clock Gadget

Hourglass Clock Gadget Code
use only the iframe part for html pages and blog widgets. The xml is for google sites.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Aircraft Dashboard Clock Mimic Gadget

Digital Clock with 24 hour Military Time Format, Aircraft Dashboard Chronometer Like Looks, Date, Time, Weekday and Week of Year. Clock.

Flight Clock - An Aircraft Cockpit Dashboard clock simulation (live widget)

ScreenShot of Widget

Aircraft Dashboard Clock Mimic Gadget

Gadget, looks like a Clock in Cockpit Dashboard. It is a Mimic of A Flight Chronometer Instrument. It shows Time and Date close to Military Time-Date format. It also has week number and weekday display.

Project Page - avionics-chronometer

Aircraft Clock xml code

Add this Code to your Page or Blog

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Digital Seven Segment Clock Gadget

This Gadget is to Inspire you or remind you of the traditional Digital Clock. The javascript is as close as possible to a c program that you could write for a PIC processor, So then try and make a gadget which is 3D, using PIC or 8051.


Digital Seven Segment Clock Gadget

Digital Clock Web Gadget for Date and Time

The Live Widget can be seen here.

This Web Gadget is for the Google Homepage, Web-page or blog. It has seven segment display, similar to traditional Digital Clocks in the dashboard. It will also indicate the date and week. This Project includes a Simple Hourglass Clock Gadget on the same code.

Digital Clock Gadget xml code

This Gadget just displays the Time as shown on the computer. To ensure it is accurate : The small clock battery must be ok, The Periodic Sync with Atomic Server has to be enabled on your PC.

seven-segment-digital-clock The Project Page