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Friday, August 01, 2014

Electronic Random Decision Maker

Running LED, Random Results, Decade Counter and Clock. Weigh the Pros-n-Cons, Take a Balanced Decision.

Electronic Random Decision Maker - Live Weblet

See Code gadgets-widgets. This can be built with one 555 timer and a CD4017. See Fun with LEDs but use the pin 5 to connect to a cap you charge with a pushbutton or gate like CD4093 to turn off 555 using pin 4 after a cap discharges. This may simulate a random.

Electronic Random Decision Maker xml code

Add only the iframe code to your Page or blog. The xml file works with google sites.


Electronic Random Decision Maker

Thursday, July 03, 2014

RGB Color Mixer Gadget

This is a HTML RGB color mixer, I was inspired by CPick and RGB Mixer. It helps you get the shade of color you want for a Webpage in HTML Hex Code or for a Program GUI that you are designing in RGB weights.

RGB Color Mixer Gadget

Color Mixer xml code

Use the iframe part for pages and blogs. The xml file is for the google sites widget.

For Children it is fun to play with and understand what Black, Grey, Brown, White are made of and How Cyan-Magenta-Yellow and other Fine Shades can be synthesized by just playing with the three Sliders.

color-mixer - Project Page