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My design devices was maintained on various cms, like mambo etc. The last one was drupal, for over 8 years now. Design Devices has been Transformed now due to Technical Reasons.

The New delabs Design Devices for Product and Circuit design.

Most of the content will be available at sections below in the course of time ....

Seebeck Thermocon - Industrial Process Control and Automation Systems.

Amps and Volts - Test and Measurement, Instrumentation Technologies.

Magpie Materials - Electronic Components and Engineering Materials.

The design devices had over 1000 Engineering and Technology firms and products. Now more than 300 has been restored in the new sections above.

Digital Interactive Tutorials

Preset Digital BCD Counter

Home Page delabs Technologies.

The rest will be at the delabs dapj Blogs at dapj Tech

The Winnowing Magpie